French culinary artisans celebrated at Good France Vancouver 2018 [fr]

On the occasion of Good France, the worldwide celebration of French cuisine held March 21st, we also celebrated the many culinary artisans that make French gastronomy so unique: cheese makers, winemakers, bakers, etc.

Those who attended one of the nine participating restaurants had the chance to win giveaways by some of the best in Vancouver. We would like to thank all of the participating stores for celebrating with us French gastronomy and historical savoir-faire.

Oyama Sausage

Gift: A $50 gift-card.
Oyama has been offering the traditional and handmade French charcuterie products for many years in Vancouver.

Les Amis du Fromage

Gift: Two $100 gift-cards.
Which more venerable culinary art is there than cheesemaking? Les Amis du Fromage has been one its best representatives for more than 30 years in Vancouver.

TWG tea

Gift: A Tea Gastronomy experience at the TWG Tea Salon in Vancouver and a "Ritzy Paris" tea collection box, worth $148.
Frenchmen Taha Bouqdib is the co-founder and current president and CEO.

Beaucoup Bakery

Gift: Two $50 gift-cards.
Jackie Kai Ellis opened "Beaucoup" after she trained in Paris at École Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil. She sold the bakery in 2017 to two of her staff who had earned her scolarship at the same French culinary school.

Buttermere Patisserie

Gift: 25% discount on menu orders.
Chef pâtissière Jamie Tung trained in Paris and recently attended a masterclass with Meurisse Chef pâtissier Cedric Grolet. She will do another one in June with French Chef pâtissier Yann Couvreur.
In celebration of Bastille Day last year, she shared her favourite recipes, including the Hermé macaron.

La Baguette et Compagnie

Gift: Four $50 gift-cards.
La Baguette et Compagnie which makes bakers and pastry chefs alike proud of their craftsmanship, offers a wide range of its best treats: flans, tartelettes, croissants, baguettes, etc.

Maison Ladurée

Gift: A 24-macaron prestige box worth $88.
Delicacies and innovative pastry absolute institution, Maison Ladurée has been showcasing France’s excellence since 1982!


Gift: One sets of verrines.
Alsacian manufacturer Staub has been world-renowned for its cast iron and ceramic ustensils both amongst chefs and home cooks.

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