Mandate and mobility programs

The Office for Science and Higher Education is dedicated to bilateral collaborations between France and Canada.

It is also dedicated to foster exchanges and increase mobility of researchers, doctoral students and entrepreneurs through various mobility programs.

Call for applications

Call for applications can be found in the News & Agenda section of our Website.

French Scholars Lecture Series

In partnership with the Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies at UBC, the program brings leading outstanding academics from France to Vancouver for a series of conferences and open dialogue with their Canadian counterparts.

Fonds France-Canada pour la Recherche

This France-Canada research funds aims at triggering collaborations for researchers in any given field in research. Call for proposals are open year round.

Contact us for more information.

Mourou/Strickland mobility program

The Mourou/Strickland mobility program was launched in 2018. It aims at initiating scientific partnerships between French and Canadian laboratories or research centres.

Contact us for more information.


Created in 1999, Mitacs is an organization funding student exchanges between Canada and its partner countries.

Following the visit in Canada of the French President Emmanuel Macron, France and Canada signed a new Letter of Intent regarding the partnership between Mitacs and Campus France.

In 2014, Mitacs has joined Campus France to improve student’s international mobility between France and Canada. In 2017, the program was expanded to internships. Mitacs also associated itself with the French National Institute for Informatics and Automatics Studies and the France Canada Fund.

The Letter of Intent signed in June 2018 showed the will to improve student’s mobility between France and Canada by increasing the amount of exchange students and interns. The goal is also to foster a better integration of the French regions and universities within Mitacs’ initiative. Strengthen

The fund is comprised of three programs:

- Le Globalink Research Award
- Le Globalink Research Internship
- Accelerate International

Student mobility

In an effort to strengthen bilateral student mobility between France and Canada, numerous agreements have been put in place between French institutions and Mitacs.

- Université de Bordeaux

- Ecole Polytechnique


- Université de Lorraine

- Sorbonne Université

- Université Grenoble-Alpes

- Université de Lyon

- Others are currently being worked on.

Contact the office for Science and Higher Education for more information.

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