“Say OUI to France, say OUI to innovation”

France’s commitment to innovation is illustrated by a number of incentives for businesses, most notably the best research tax credit system in Europe.
This sets France apart from its European counterparts and confirms its position as an innovation leader.

For investors, France’s world-class research tax credit system has a number of very real business advantages. These include:
A research tax credit rate applied to the annual volume of all eligible R&D expenditures (salaries, social security contributions, running costs,
depreciation, patents, etc.)

A research tax credit rate doubled for R&D carried out with public sector bodies and quadrupled for R&D undertaken by junior final-year
doctoral and post-doctoral research personnel in their first two years of employment

For more informations on the research tax credit system, Public sector research organizations with 71 groundbreaking innovation clusters, 18 of which are world-class. In 2011, the French government earmarked $4.55 billion USD ($4.44 billion CAD) in additional funding for these clusters 3 “Operation Campus,” a $6.5 billion USD
($6.36 billion CAD) university modernization program to make French universities more autonomous and open to business by cultivating centers of excellence and raising their international profiles. Read more.

To go further: the campaign organizers have created a short video

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