2012: several opportunities for French business men

Ubifrance North America, the French agency for international business development, organized several trade missions, during this year, in the fields of biotechnology, environmental and sustainable business, energy, food industry included wine production, shipbuilding industry and fashion.

BioPartnering North America - February 2012

BioPartnering North America is North-America’s 2nd largest conference devoted to biotechnology. The 2012 edition brought together over 680 delegates from 422 companies and 28 countries. 2026 meetings were scheduled.

For the fourth year in a row, The French Trade Commission in Canada brought a delegation of biotech companies from France.

15 French delegates attended the event making France the most important European delegation.

During the three days of the conference, the 15 delegate companies made the most of the B2B meetings and networking events to develop and increase their international business relations. The receptions offered by the organizer TVG were great networking opportunities for all the delegates, in prestigious locations such as the Vancouver Aquarium.

On the morning of February 29th, the French delegates had the opportunity to visit local research centres: Discovery Park ( to meet with biotech companies), Centre for Drug Research & Development, Ubc Centre for Comparative Medicine, Prostate Centre, Genome Sciences Centre…

In addition to the B2B meetings, the “Ubifrance Canada” booth generated traffic, potential business and increased the visibility of the French delegation.

GLOBE - March 2012

GLOBE is one of the biggest environmental & sustainable business summit in North America. This year marked the 12th biennial GLOBE Series Conference and Trade Fair with 400 exhibitors, 10 000 participants visiting from more than 50 countries. On this occasion, UBIFRANCE Canada and its partner ADEME (French Environment & Energy Management Agency), hosted a delegation of about 10 leading French companies specializing in diverse environmental sectors, such as renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions management, recycling and waste management, water treatment, green building, etc.


The GLOBAL PETROLEUM SHOW (GPS) is one of the world largest energy exhibitions. This year GPS united 63,000 international leaders, engineers, industry professionals, field operators visiting from 95 different countries, and 2,000 service and supply exhibiting companies. On this occasion, UBIFRANCE Canada hosted a delegation of 11 leading French companies specializing in the Oil & Gas sector at the French Pavilion

French Wine connection - November 2012

For this 6th edition of the French Wine Connection, Ubifrance made Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Loire Valley and Rhône travel oversea to Canada! Featuring a selection of 100 wines, 22 wine producers from France have got the opportunity to present their wine-making know-how to more than 200 wine & spirits local key-players in Toronto and Calgary. This annual well-known wine tasting event now has been the occasion for Canadians to discover new products not sold in Ontario and Alberta yet. We are looking forward to finding those amazing products on shelves in the coming months! Video.

Shipbuilding: 9 French companies in Vancouver - November 2012
Nine French companies with specific know-how in the shipbuilding industry discovered the specificity of the Canadian market during a 3-day mission across the country, from Montreal to Vancouver, via Halifax. Read more.

French Fashion delegation - November 2012

On November 30th, Ubifrance Canada, France’s agency for the international development of French companies, met with representatives of four French ready-to-wear brands in Vancouver: Dalmard Marine, Basus, Jagvi, and Nicorobe. Read more.

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