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It is said that French people always ask “why” and Canadians “how”. In support of a market and a sector in constant change - the audiovisual world in the digital era - the Embassy of France in Canada, the Institut Français and the Banff Centre, with the support of On Screen Manitoba, have developed and launched Emergence Lab, the first Franco-Canadian laboratory dedicated to emerging and innovative forms of storytelling for new platforms.

The third edition of Emergence Lab will took place between June 4th and 11th at the Banff Centre, an exceptional setting, in the Canadian Rockies.


This 7 days long lab brought together 3 project holders, 3 mentors and 8 technical or artistic experts that will work together on three digital and multiplatform projects selected out of 43 proposals.


Emergence Lab is a creative space where authors or storytellers can combine their expertise with that of new professionals in the world of interactive multi-platform writing in order to explore new forms of storytelling and new savoir-faire.

2016 Projects:

  • L’épopé d’alphabet : digital tale & serious game for the kids to learn the 26 letters of the alphabet
  • Hectarium: Multiplatform project consisting in an interactive documentary and serious game tackling the question of the use of agricultural land
  • The passengers: interactive mixed reality experience, both augmented and virtual, to be experienced while sitting in a moving train



  • Program director: Jonathan BELISLE, consultant & co-founder of SAGA / ioTHEATRE
  • Nicholas KLASSEN – Interactive producer at the Vancouver National Film Board
  • Ségolène ZAUG – Counsellor at France Télévisions Nouvelles Ecritures

Technical & artistic experts:

  • Julien AUBERT – Interactive producer (Bigger than fiction)
  • David DRURY – Sound designer
  • Anne FONTANILLE – Interactive designer (Nventive)
  • Paul GEORGES – Programmer & game designer (Dpt.)
  • Svetlana JARAUD – Project manager (Joydrop)
  • Chloé PAYOT – Interactive designer & maker (Joshfire)
  • Dylan PEARCE – RV Director (Avatar Media)
  • Josette NORMANDEAU – Producer (Idéacom)

Check out the projects:

  • On the Emergence Lab program on the Banff Centre web page
  • And live on twitter #emergencelab2016

In the media:

Past projects:

  • Watch the 2014 participants presentation and projects here
  • and the 2015 edition here

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