Goût de France - Good France: the world’s greatest French dinner [fr]

Celebrating French cuisine around the world

In 2017, over 2,100 participating restaurants in 150 countries, 250,000 meals and 8,000 guests in 156 embassies. Vitality, modernity, responsibility: gastronomy will be used to showcase France’s positive values, with the warmth associated with the pleasures of good food.
In Vancouver, Le Crocodile, Save On Meats with Chef Alison Ramage for the Greasy Spoon Series and Bistro Pastis participated.

Good France Vancouver 2018

We are excited to count five registered restaurants at this time:

  1. Tableau Bar Bistro (Facebook page)
  2. Bistro Pastis (Facebook page)
  3. Linh Café (Facebook page)
  4. La Brass (Facebook page)
  5. Provence Marinaside (Facebook page)

Chefs and owners, register your restaurant before January 31st (free).

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Crédits photo: Géraldine Martens / Bernard Benant

The Good France event

For the fourth consecutive year, Goût de France / Good France has been a fun celebration of the vitality of French cuisine, forging ties between chefs around the world.

On 21 March in 150 countries, Goût de France / Good France, organized on the initiative of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, boosts the visibility of French cuisine on the world’s 5 continents.

From haute cuisine to quality bistro food, Chefs are invited to offer French-inspired meal in their restaurants and participate in this great celebration.

The Goût de France / Good France menu should include:

  • an aperitif with finger food,
  • a starter,
  • one or two main course(s),
  • a cheese platter
  • and/or a dessert,
  • accompanied by French wines and champagnes.


On 21 March, France is on the menu !

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