Working holiday visa

You would like to spend some time in France, between 3 months and a year:

- in the frame of a university exchange program
- to acquire professional experience
- for an internship
- to perfect your knowledge of the French language, discover the French culture and society...

Good to know: Canadian passport holders do not require a short stay visa to go to France for less than 90 days per 6 months, regardless of the purpose of their stay.

I. Primary Eligibility Conditions

Applicants must:

• be between the ages of 18 and 35 as of the application date;

• hold a Canadian passport valid for at least six months past the end date of the visit;

• provide proof of sufficient financial resources for any initial expenses to be incurred at the start of their stay and to allow them to leave the country that they are visiting at any time during their stay;

• agree to pay any fees and taxes as provided for in legislation;

• produce all documents necessary to support their visa request;

• For young professional visa applicants only: provide a contract of employment in France.

II. Categories of the agreement

1. 3A Young Professional Development

This type of visa is meant for young professionals interested in obtaining initial experience or further development under a limited work contract in their field of activity and in improving their understanding of the French language, culture, and society.
You must have a work contract with an employer in France to apply for this visa.

This program also applies to Canadians who have received an offer to take part in Canadian duty-to-remember programs in the Juno Beach or Vimy regions.

- Duration of stay indicated on the visa: 4–12 months (with possibility for on-site extension of 12 months).

PDF - 441.1 kb
3A application kit - VANCOUVER
(PDF - 441.1 kb)
2. 3B Inter-University Exchange student

This type of visa applies to young Canadian students wishing to complete part of their university studies in an establishment in France as part of an inter-university agreement.

- Duration of stay indicated on the visa: 4–12 months (with possibility of two on-site extensions of 12 months each)

PDF - 443.9 kb
3B application kit - Vancouver
(PDF - 443.9 kb)
3. 3C Practical Internship

This type of visa applies to young Canadians wishing to pursue a practical internship as part of their studies or their training.

The internship conditions must be defined by a tripartite internship agreement between the home establishment in Canada, the host establishment in France, and the student.

- Duration of stay indicated on the visa: 4–12 months (with possibility of two on-site extensions of 12 months each)

PDF - 441.2 kb
3C Application kit - VANCOUVER
(PDF - 441.2 kb)
4. 3D Working Holiday

This type of visa is meant for young Canadians who wish to explore the culture of France as tourists and to find temporary paid employment to help pay for their stay.

- Duration of stay indicated on the visa: 4–12 months (with possibility for on-site extension of 12 months)

PDF - 274 kb
3D visa application kit
(PDF - 274 kb)

III. Submitting your application and obtaining your visa

- Applications must be filed in person in Vancouver. All applicants must book an appointment and come to the consulate where their fingerprints will be taken. It is not possible to do this anywhere else.

- The processing times varies depending on the type of visa requested:
• 3A, 3B, 3C visas: generally between 5 and 10 business days
• 3D visa: usually around 3 business days.
Please note however that processing times cannot be guaranteed. It is strongly recommended to file an application at least two weeks prior to the intended departure date.
- If you are unable to come back to pick up your passport, be sure to provide an Xpresspost envelope as indicated in the application kit.

- On the application form, please indicate an address in France where you will stay the first few days in case you still have no information about your permanent address.

- No processing fee is collected for Youth Exchange visas.

IMPORTANT: The 3D working-holiday visa cannot be used to go to France as an "au pair". Applicants wishing to go to France to do so have to apply for the "Au Pair" visa.

IV. Once in France

When the visas issued by the consulate expire, young Canadians will be required to visit the préfecture of their place of residence in France to request authorization to extend their stay in France under the 2013 Franco-Canadian youth exchange agreement.

The préfecture will then issue a temporary carte de séjour that will be valid for a maximum of 12 months for young professionals (the document will indicate temporary worker status), students (student status), and interns (intern status).

For students, interns, and for young professionals, when this document expires, it can be renewed one last time. The maximum total period of validity is 36 months.

Working Holiday Program participants will receive temporary authorization for a one-year residence permit. They will also be exempt from requirements regarding work permits issued by DIRECCTE. The absence of a temporary work permit, which is no longer required, does not exempt your employer in France from registering a work contract with the relevant organization; you will register with the social security system as an employee through your employer.

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