Youth Exchange Agreement: Bienvenue en France!

1- You are a Canadian citizen, living in Canada, and between 18 and less than 36 y.o.

You would like to spend some time in France, between 3 months and a year:

- in the frame of a university exchange program
- to acquire professional experience
- for an internship
- to perfect your knowledge of the French language, discover the French culture and society...

Apply for a visa through the France-Canada Youth Exchange Agreement!

Effectuez votre demande de visa dans le cadre de l’accord France-Canada

IMPORTANT: The 3D working-holiday visa cannot be used to go to France as an "au pair". Applicants wishing to go to France to do so have to apply for the "Au Pair" visa.

As of March 30th, 2017, applicants eligible for the Youth-Exchange visas are no longer exempted from the collection of biometric data.
Applications must be filed in person at the consulate.

You will find all the information about this Agreement and the visa application packages on the website of the French Embassy in Ottawa.

Good to know: Canadian passport holders do not require a short stay visa to go to France for less than 90 days per 6 months, regardless of the purpose of their stay.

2- Tips about your application at the Consulate General

After downloading the visa application package, please read carefully the "What to know before applying?" section.

- On the application form, please indicate an address in France where you will stay the first few days in case you still have no information about your permanent address.

Dernière modification : 31/03/2017

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