Why not study at the Lycée Louis Pasteur in Calgary?

The Lycée Louis Pasteur in Calgary is a non-denominational private international school. The Lycée is based on an academic, structured environment and the education includes great diversity.

Based in Calgary, the Lycée Louis Pasteur is a private, non-denominational international school. The Lycée provides a structured academic environment with varied full-day educational programs from three years old to grade 12.

Its dual curriculum offers both French and English programs and students also have an advanced knowledge of Spanish by the time they reach high school. Graduates are prepared for a successful future in post-secondary education as well as travelling and working in diverse cultures in Canada and around the world.

The Lycée Louis Pasteur is part of a network of almost 500 international schools worldwide. Other Canada-based members of this network are found in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Given that all lycées worldwide follow the same French curriculum, students can move seamlessly to another lycée anywhere in the world.

The Lycée Louis Pasteur is the only school in Calgary accredited by both Alberta Education and the French government, and adheres to both French and Albertan curriculums. Principles of Albertan, North American and international education are embodied in the Lycée’s advanced academic program. The school provides a challenging environment to help all students achieve their full potential. As a measure of its inclusive and flexible approach, the Lycée now offers an Intensive French Program for students in grades 1 to 5 with little or no exposure to French. As the students’ French improves, they merge into the Lycée’s regular program.

An important goal of the program is to ensure that students achieve success in all key exams including the Brevet, Alberta Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma exams, and the French Baccalauréat. The Brevet and Baccalauréat are the same at lycées across the globe. This provides students with internationally recognized certification of their accomplishments for admission into prominent universities around the world.

Why choose the Lycée Louis Pasteur?

A bilingual education is truly one of the most precious gifts you can give your child. Why not give your child the advantage of a bilingual education at a world-renowned school? Enrolling at the Lycée Louis Pasteur will encourage your child to achieve excellence and become a creative thinker while being immersed in two or more languages, and will open doors to future opportunities internationally. French is one of the official languages the United Nations and your child will gain access to the 220 million-strong grouping of people in more than forty countries who speak French, not to mention the benefits of being bilingual in Canada.

The Lycée Louis Pasteur provides a sound, classical education that nurtures inquiring minds. The school delivers a rigorous and disciplined course of study that embraces academics, fine and performing arts, and physical education. In summary, Lycée students work in a supportive learning environment where they benefit from a high degree of personal attention that ensures their success.

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