What kind of diplomacy for Sciences?

For years, France has made scientific and research-oriented cooperation a key element of its foreign policy.
In order to better understand the objectives and the resources behind this initiative, the Mobility and Attractiveness Policy Directorate of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) developed a strategic document entitled Une diplomatie scientifique pour la France [Scientific diplomacy for France]


French diplomatic network is mobilizing to support French national research and innovation strategy.

Working in close cooperation with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) is taking interministerial measures to ensure the coherence of this international cooperation. It is also mobilizing its diplomatic network to support our national research and innovation strategy.

The objectives that the French government has set for itself are the following: increasing the contributions of French research to the global scientific ecosystem; strengthening its commitment to addressing challenges related to global public goods; mobilizing scientists involved in development-oriented research; promoting researcher mobility; and promoting the implementation of innovation policies supporting the international strategies of French companies.

In the United States, the most notable result of this transition is the nomination of scientific envoys responsible for re-establishing dialogue with the elites of the Muslim world (Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia) and to offer them different perspectives.

Furthermore, a recent report by the World Bank on “building knowledge-based societies” aims to show that the primary factor in social and economic development today is the promotion and application of knowledge.

The European Union has taken this assertion to heart by adopting a growth strategy that proposes investing 3% of the European GDP in R&D by 2020. Scientific diplomacy also contributes to an “intelligent” approach to our political, cultural and economic influence associated with the increasing scale of global issues.

What direction will future actions take?
- Work with the MESR and actors involved in research to reinforce the attractiveness of France;
- Mobilize the scientific cooperation network on issues related to scientific diplomacy;
- Increase the visibility of France’s support for development-oriented research. Confirm France’s role as an international leader in this field.

Dernière modification : 08/03/2013

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