UNESCO – Presentation of the report on France and UNESCO to Laurent Fabius (July 31, 2013)

On July 30, Daniel Janicot, Counselor of State, presented to Laurent Fabius the report on strengthening relations between France and UNESCO, which the latter had requested in accordance with a mission statement issued on February 28.

The role that France historically played in the creation of UNESCO in 1945, notably at the instigation of Léon Blum, and its special responsibility as the host country of the headquarters of this UN specialized agency, justify the special attention that our country accords it, while it faces a serious budgetary crisis.

The minister commended the quality of Mr. Janicot’s report, which put forward several proposals aimed at strengthening France’s presence and influence within the agency. Over the longer term, the report suggests that an in-depth reflection should be carried out - in cooperation with the other member states and Director-General Irina Bokova - on UNESCO’s adaptation to the new realities of the modern world.

France would like UNESCO to have the necessary capacity to play a key role in the international issues covered by its mandate to promote the culture of peace and harmonious development, while respecting the diversity of the world’s cultures.

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