Tribute to a Canadian soldier involved with the French Resistance [fr]

Trevor Sam is a Chinese-Canadian citizen who is passionate about military history and currently a Director of the Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society in Vancouver, B.C.

His late father, Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Sam, fought during WWII along the French Resistance and contributed, inter alia, to the liberation of the city of Reims.

On the occasion of the D-Day 75th anniversary, Mr Sam went to France to attend the commemoration along several Canadian veterans.


During his stay, he also went to the Museum of Surrender in Reims to donate is father’s wartime replicas.


France and the French people will never forget the sacrifice and courage of all the men who made the freedom of our country possible.

To learn more about the Chinese Canadian soldiers who fought during both wars, visit the Chinese Canadian Military Museum in Vancouver or browse through its Website.

Dernière modification : 27/06/2019

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