Calgary: Total Supports 7th Annual ISEEESA Networking Dinner

On March 5, Total E&P Canada joined forces with ISEEE Students’ Association (ISEEESA), a University of Calgary students’ association focused on energy and environment, for its 7th Annual Networking Dinner.

This year, the dinner on campus brought in a record number of more than 400 attendees, with a mix of students and professionals. The dinner provided an opportunity for students to develop their networking skills and gain perspective from Calgary’s energy leaders, while the industry had the chance to meet with the young, bright energy leaders of tomorrow.

ISEEESA’s dinner is also a great fundraising event.
All funds generated through ticket sales go towards programs offering University of Calgary undergraduate students opportunities to gain enhanced knowledge of energy, environment and the economy.

“This is Total’s sixth year participating in ISEEESA’s Networking Dinner,” said Pasley Weeks, ISEEESA’s president. “It’s great that Total recognizes the value of connecting the academic world with the energy industry.”

The theme of this year’s event was collaboration, which is a hot topic in the energy industry and a big focus for Total E&P Canada. The keynote speaker, Dr. Alan Knight, an environmental sustainability director, spoke about the importance of sustainability and collaboration. His talk titled “9 Billion Quality Lives – the Greatest Business Challenge Yet” was insightful and well-received by attendees.

“Total’s partnership with ISEEESA represents an important balance for us as a company fully invested in research and development,”
said Albert Elliott, Vice President of Human Resources, Communications and Administration at Total E&P Canada. “The opportunity to interact with the most innovative and talented students and academics is invaluable; Total is proud to be part of such a worthwhile event.”

Leanr more about Total’scommitment to community investment.

Dernière modification : 28/03/2013

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