They chose France

Foreign investors actively continued to develop their businesses in France in 2011.
Amid intensified competition between countries in Europe to receive internationally mobile investments, France remained attractive to investors in 2011: 698 new foreign investments were confirmed that
will create or maintain 27,958 jobs. By project numbers, this is the second best result recorded in over a decade. On average, 13 investment decisions in France were announced every week during the last year.

These investments, recorded by the IFA and France’s regional economic development agencies, were made by companies of all sizes: 28% of projects were by SMEs, 34% of projects were by mid-size companies, and 39% of projects were by large corporates.

Confirmed investment attractiveness in high value-added sectors
Numerous projects involved high value-added activities. The structure of foreign investment in France has shifted over recent years towards such projects.

R&D activities and new headquarters, which generate highly skilled jobs and provide high value added, accounted for 10% of all investments in 2011.

In this area, France’s research tax credit is a powerful draw for foreign companies.

More than 2,000 of the companies filing for the research tax credit are foreign-owned subsidiaries.

The following examples reflect the diversity of sectors and regions invested in, and the projects and investors they attract (investors from 40 different countries in 2011): click here.


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