The Opening of the European Union Film Festival in Vancouver

The European Union Film Festival is an opportunity to discover new European films selected by embassies, consulates, and cultural centres of the European member-states present in the three Canadian cities taking part in the Festival—Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto—to represent the diverse cinematic wealth of their countries.

This Festival is also an opportunity for discussion and networking, particularly with members of the teams behind each film.

The European Film Festival has been organized as the result of a partnership between, on one side, the European Union and its member states, and, on the other side, the Canadian Film Institute and Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, the Pacific Cinematheque in Vancouver, and private partners in Toronto.

This year’s Festival is chaired by the Embassy of Ireland and jointly coordinated by the Canadian Film Institute and the Pacific Cinematheque.

15th edition

Festival dates: November 23rd to December 6th, 2012.
Location: Pacific Cinematheque.

French film screening – Polisse by Maïwenn

Synopsis: The film tells the day-to-day story of the officers of France’s Brigade for the Protection of Mineurs. The audience dives into the reality of arrests, police custody, sordid stories of morality, and pedophilia, but also of the human contact between colleagues as they talk about their own relationships amongst themselves…

Dernière modification : 24/11/2012

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