Teaching Assistants / Lecturers / Exchange Teachers

If you meet below requirements and wish to have information how to apply for the English assistants program in France, please visit the website of French embassy in Ottawa.

English assistants program in France

Requirements :

- be aged between 20 and 30 years old

- enrolment in university (even part time) and completion of 2 years of study at the undergraduate level (as of December of last year)

- ability to communicate orally in French

- Canadian citizenship and living in Canada at the time of application and receipt of your visa (Permanent residents are not eligible)

If you are going as an Exchange Teacher or a Lecturer (temporary worker visa / travailleur temporaire) please click here


The processing time for this visa varies from 3 to 10 business days.

Required Documents for visa application :

- [1] Passport valid at least three months after the expiry date of the visa + photocopies of the main pages (photo, validity date, visas…)

- [2] 1 long stay visa application form duly filled out and signed

- [3] Two (2) recent and identical ID pictures, format 35mm X 45mm only, with a clear and plain background. Pictures with hat, caps, sunglasses, etc.. will not be accepted..

PDF - 28.4 kb
Long stay visa application form
(PDF - 28.4 kb)
PDF - 47.8 kb
Formulaire demande visa de long séjour
(PDF - 47.8 kb)

- Required photo quality :

PDF - 220.6 kb
Photo requirements
(PDF - 220.6 kb)

Pleasepaste one picture on the application form and include the remaining one in an envelope.

- [4] Any document supporting your status in Canada for more than 6 months and allowing your re-entry :permanent resident card, work or study permit + photocopy. This does not apply to Canadian citizens.

- [5] Original of Arrêté de Nomination for Teaching Assistants, issued by the French Rectorat responsible for the "académie" in which you are going to work + photocopy

- [6] If you are going for less than 6 months : travel medical insurance valid for the entire length of your stay and covering all medical expenses such as medicine, hospitalization, repatriation with a minimum coverage of 50,000 CAD + photocopy

- [7] For stays longer than 6 months, the OFII form.

PDF - 211.7 kb
Formulaire OFII (français)
(PDF - 211.7 kb)
PDF - 35.1 kb
OFII form (English)
(PDF - 35.1 kb)

Upon arrival in France, you will have to validate your long stay visa (VLS-TS) at the OFII.

Please fill in the upper part of this OFII form and submit it along with other required documents at your appointment at the consulate. The main page of the form is only available in Frenche. Should you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to ask the visa officer at the time of your appointment.

If your visa is granted, the consulate will stamp this form and give it back. You will then fill in the last portion of it upon your arrival in France and send it to the closest local branch of the OFII of your home in France.

Please note that additional documents may be required.

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