Tax refund

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Tax refund form/s (original/s)
• All new merchandise mentioned on the tax refund form/s
• Passport and if of French nationality: a valid consular card or a work/study permit or a permanent resident card
• Proof of address
• Round trip airline ticket and original boarding passes
• Each merchandise receipt must be for a minimum of 175 euros spent the same day in the same shop

An administration fee will be charged to the equivalent in Canadian dollars of 27 euros per tax refund form.

You must present yourself in person with your merchandise in its original packaging and labelling within a maximum period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

This procedure is not applicable to the traveler who has simply not presented the tax refund form/s and the merchandise concerned at the airport customs desk/kiosk/office when leaving as required by the regulations in force – and as advised by the merchant/s when signing the tax refund form/s at the time of purchase.
Therefore it only concerns cases where the tax refund form/s could not be stamped at the airport by customs for reasons relating exclusively to the organization of the customs services for example absence of a custom service desk/kiosk/office, temporary interruption of the services, dysfunction in the application PABLO).
It permits a traveler leaving France for example with non-validated tax refund form/s – and for the above reasons only and under certain conditions - to apply for these tax refund form/s to be validated abroad by the local Consulate general of France.
The consulate general will also issue a certificate stating the reason why the tax refund form/s were not validated at the airport.

It is important to note that the final decision will be taken by French customs. The Consulate general of France in Vancouver gives no guarantee on the final decision taken by French customs upon their reception of the tax refund form/s.

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