Short stay visa to work

1- How to work in France (for a short stay, less than 90 days)?

If you are planning to work in France for less than 90 days you may need to first obtain a temporary work permit granted by the local division of the French Ministry of Labour (DIRECCTE - Direction régionale des entreprises, de la concurrence et de la consommation, du travail et de l’emploi).

If you work in one of the following fields, you do not need this permit:

- cultural and artistic activities, including audiovisual production
- athletes
- scientists, researchers, and invited professors
- caregivers and nannies
- models
- audit and expert missions

A Schengen visa, also called ’C’ visa, is a short stay visa (up to 90 days in a six-month period) valid for the 25 States member of the Schengen agreement :

Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany Greece Hungary
Iceland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland

Please note that a temporary work permit issued by a Direccte is only valid for France, not for other Schengen countries.

2- Do I need a visa to work in France for a short stay (less than 90 days?

  • NO, if you are a citizen from Switzerland, Vatican, San Marino, Monaco, Andorra, the European economic area, or if you are a citizen from a country listed below, provided you hold a valid temporary work permit granted by a DIRECCTE or a "convention d’accueil" at the time of travel :
Australia Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas
Barbados Brazil Canada
Israel Japan Mauritius
Mexico Saint-Kitts and Nevis Seychelles
Singapore South Korea United States of America

Canadian passport holders do not need a short stay visa to go to France for less than 90 days per semester even for working purpose. If you are going to work in France, you just have to make sure that your employer has obtained for you the work authorization by the French Labor Departement (DIRECCTE) if your occuption requires it.

  • YES, if you are a citizen from a country not listed above.

3- Two steps: obtain a temporary work permit and then apply for a visa

- First step: obtain a temporary work permit from a Direccte (French Ministry of Labour). This has to be done by the employer.

Forms and notices from the French Ministry of Labour (in French only) to be filled in and sent by e-mail to the "Direccte" of the French "Département" you are going to:

PDF - 169.2 kb
Demande d’autorisation de travail pour un salarié détaché (form)
(PDF - 169.2 kb)
PDF - 26.3 kb
Demande d’autorisation de travail pour un salarié détaché (notice)
(PDF - 26.3 kb)
PDF - 146.5 kb
Demande d’autorisation de travail pour un salarié détaché (annex 2)
(PDF - 146.5 kb)
PDF - 111.6 kb
Demande d’autorisation de travail pour un salarié détaché (annex 3)
(PDF - 111.6 kb)

- Second step: apply for a short stay visa.

4- Processing time

For the temporary work permit

Allow 10-15 days for the "Direccte" to send back the forms stamped, by mail, to the employer.

For the visa application:

The required processing time ranges from one day to three weeks, depending on your nationality, the type of visa requested and the type of passport or travel document you hold.

Processing time for nationals of the following countries is around three weeks:

Afghanistan Algeria Bahrain
Bangladesh Burundi
Dem. Rep. of Congo Egypt Equatorial Guinea
Iran Iraq
Jordan Kuwait Lebanon
Libya Mauritania
Nigeria North Korea Oman
Pakistan Palestinians
Qatar Refugees Rwanda
Somalia Sri Lanka
Sudan Suriname Stateless
Syria Tunisia United Arab Emirates

If you have several nationalities and one of them appears on the list above, the processing time is around three weeks.

5- How to book an appointment?

Book an appointment online by clicking on the link below.

No appointment can be made at the counter, by phone or by e-mail.

Before making an appointment, please note that:

To use the system, the following configuration is required :
- Firefox 1.0 and higher
- Mozilla 1.7.8 and higher
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher
- Adobe Acrobat reader
- allow pop-ups

As no "rush procedure" is available, please book a slot in advance. It is recommended to book at least 4 weeks before you come. However, an appointment cannot be booked more than 45 days in advance.

If the day of your choice is already fully booked, keep looking at the booking system to check if there are any cancellations.

Visas cannot be issued more than 3 months prior to your date of departure.

If you are not able to come on the day of your appointment, please free a slot to let other applicants make an appointment earlier. You may cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before.

Do not overbook : overbooking will result in the cancellation of all appointments without notice.

Make sure you bring all the required documents when coming to the Consulate General.

At the end of the appointment booking process, please print out your confirmation number. You will need this number to change your appointment as well as to cancel it. However, if you couldn’t print out your confirmation receipt, it’s ok: simply show up on the date and time of appointment.

6- Requirements

Please provide original of documents plus a set of photocopy for each document (in letter size).

1. Passport valid at least three months after the expiry date of the visa + photocopy of all the main pages (pages with picture, expiry date of passport, visas, etc..)

There must be at least two empty pages left in your passport for the visa and the entry stamp.

2. one Schengen visa application form filled out and signed.

- Français :

PDF - 87 kb
Formulaire de demande de visa Schengen
(PDF - 87 kb)
Word - 102.5 kb
Formulaire de demande de visa Schengen
(Word - 102.5 kb)

- English :

PDF - 108.8 kb
Schengen Visa Application Form
(PDF - 108.8 kb)
Word - 107.5 kb
Schengen Visa Application Form
(Word - 107.5 kb)

3. Processing fee.

4. two recent and identical photo ID, format 35mm X 45mm only, with a clear and plain background. Pictures with hat, caps, sunglasses, etc.. will not be accepted.

Required Photo quality :

PDF - 220.6 kb
Photo requirements
(PDF - 220.6 kb)

Please glue one picture on the form and include the remaining one in an envelope.

5. Any document supporting your status in Canada and allowing your re-entry (Permanent resident card or visa) + copy.

6. Work Authorization form stamped by a Direccte (French Ministry of Labor).

7. A letter from the employer stating that he/she will bear all the expenses of the employee during its stay in France

8. A letter from the employer committing him/herself to pay the employer taxes to the URSSAF

7. Travel medical insurance valid for the entire length of your stay in the Schengen zone, covering medicine, hospitalization, repatriation, death, pregnancy, for a minimum of $50,000 CAD.

8. If you do not live in the Vancouver area, a self-addressed Xpresspost envelope (Canada Post) so that your passport may be returned to you. One per family is sufficient.

7- Be aware...

  • The consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant.
  • Please be aware that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee the approval of the visa.
  • Please note that holders of Schengen visas are still subject to immigration control upon first entry into a Schengen country. The visa itself does not grant the right to enter the Schengen space
  • The website is updated on a regular basis. However, should you have any additional question, please contact us by e-mail

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