SEANERGY 2016 - Marine Renewable Energy [fr]

The aims of Seanergy Biarritz 2016 were:

  • to strengthen synergies between the stakeholders of the industry,
  • to define its role and framework
  • and promote its development in France and around the world : Wind offshore energy, floating wind offshore energy, wave energy, tidal stream energy, solar floating energy, osmotic energy, tidal Power, ocean thermal energy,…

This convention gathered around 200 exhibitors on a 6.000 sq.m area and more than 3,000 international stakeholders in the industry (manufacturers, SMEs, institutions, experts, research centres...) such as: DALKIA, ERNST&YOUNG, Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables, Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique, GE, In vivo, Port de Brest, Bretagne Pôle naval, Technopole Brest Iroise, Sabella, Aquitaine Ports de Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Bayonne, SEENEOH sas, CERENIS, In Stream Energy System, Créocean, ESTIA, HACE, Pays de la Loire, Neopolia, SEM REV, FORTUM, IRT Jules Verne, Normandie, Efinor, ONEM, Pole Mer Méditerranée, EUSKADI, TECHNALIA, AZTI, Cluster Energia, FORO MARITIMO, Fred Olsen, Seaway Heavy Lifting, Taiwan, STX, Bureau Veritas, INNOSEA, SUEZ Environnement, IBERDOLA, GPM Bordeaux, GPM la Rochelle, Port de Bayonne, CNR, Port de Bilbao, EIFFAGE,Rivage Pro tech, VALOREM, CNIM, Bertin Technologies, Energie de la Lune, WPD Offshore, Open Ocean, IDEOL, ONEM, SARENS, MOJO MARITIME, NEOTEK, FILHET ALLARD, Bernard&Bonnefond, NASS&WIND, ENSTA Bretagne, RHENUS LOGISTICS, FMGC, WARTSILA, CAE Group, BESSE Assurance, ENGIE, France Energies Marines, Armateurs de France, Sinay, Scottish Development International, Nova Innovation, France Energie Eolienne, Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables, CNB, RTE, General Cable, Adwen, Polynésie Française, Via Inno, RTSYS, Hydroquest, CMN, Région Midi-Pyrénées Languedoc Roussillon, Port de Fos-Marseille, Burgeap, Euro Engineering, Fisher Connectors, Lapp Muller, Meteo France…

Seanergy also offered a programme of conferences putting the 4 following strategic themes of the MRE in the spotlight:

  • French Coastal regions and oversea territories, a driving force for MRE development
  • Metallic and composite materials, a key combination at sea
  • Is wave energy development following the path of tidal turbines?
  • Offshore wind development around the world: France on the right track? Feedback on experiences and new perspectives

On the last day, a visit of 6 plants and sites to get a more practical perspective on the MRE field were organized:

  • Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BIMEP) and Mutriku oscillating water column
  • Gamesa drivetrains factory
  • Infrastructure of the port of Bayonne
  • Compositadour, composites & robotics technology platform
  • The Biarritz’casino Sea-Water Air Conditioning
  • SEENEOH Bordeaux estuarine tidal test site

Seanergy was organized in partnership with:

  • the Côte Basque-Adour conurbation and the city of Biarritz, territories which in the past have always focused on wave power;
  • the Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes Limousin region, with its 720 kilometres of coasts, has always been committed to the development of the maritime economy;
  • as well as the Spanish-Basque government, are involved in two projects: the wave power and floating wind power test site BIMEP and the oscillating water column pilot plant of Mutriku.

The event had the support of DCNS, worldwide leader in naval defence & an innovative player in energy, and main partner of Seanergy 2016, but also ERNST&YOUNG, EDF, EDF EN, JIFMAR, ADEME, WAVE ENERGY BASQUE COUNTRY.

Stay tuned for Seanergy 2017at

And download the 2016 information PDF (496 ko).

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