Results announced for the call for proposals to support the mobility of researchers in France and Canada [fr]

On February 2018, the cultural and scientific services of the French Embassy in Canada launched a call for proposals to support the mobility of researchers in France and Canada (outside Quebec). Eligible researchers are those attached to a laboratory or department of a Canadian or French university or research center.

On March 18, 2018, the closing date for the call, 107 researchers had submitted their applications; 28 projects were selected, including 7 in Western Canada.

The French Embassy is pleased to announce the following grant winners:

Researchers traveling to France

- Dr. Wesley Willet from the University of Calgary will visit INRIA Saclay in Dr. Jean-Daniel Fekete’s laboratory
- Dr. Amirali Banasiadi from the University of Victoria will visit Dr. Sylvain Collange at INRIA Rennes.

Researchers traveling to Canada

- Dr. Chollet from Rennes 1 University will visit Dr. Sue Grayston’s lab at UBC
- Dr. Samuel Dagorne from the University of Strasbourg will visit Dr. Parisa Mehrkhodavandi at UBC
- Dr. Jean-François Ganghoffer from the University of Lorraine will meet Dr. Srikhanta Phani at UBC
- Dr. Anita Quiles from the French Institute of Oriental Archeology in Cairo will visit Dr. Susan Rowley at UBC. They will conduct archaeological research in Hedley, BC
- Dr. Ophélie Ronce from the University of Montpellier will visit UBC in the laboratory of Dr. Sarah Otto

The call for proposal should be renewed for 2019. More information will be given at the end of the 2018 on France Canada Culture.

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