Renewable Cities: Global Learning Forum in Vancouver

Over 50% of the world’s citizens and more than 80% of Canadians live in urban environments. Globally, cities are growing rapidly and municipal governments are being challenged to adapt to changing demands for energy, infrastructure, and space. As providers of energy services to the majority of the world’s population, cities are uniquely positioned to accelerate the transition to energy efficiency and renewable energy. The goal of expanding renewable energy uptake is intertwined with other objectives in increasing efficiency and enhancing livability.

You’re invited to participate in the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum.

The pressure on cities and city staff to provide affordable energy services to citizens while ensuring livability and reducing emissions has never been greater. From policies that set carbon neutrality in the built environment to electrifying vehicle fleets to building district energy systems—cities are on the leading edge of addressing climate change, advancing the green economy, building resiliency, and ensuring energy security. But what are the best practices and affordable models to transitioning to renewables and energy efficiency in the electricity, heating, and transportation sectors? When cities have traditionally controlled so little of the energy supply, where can cities look for strategies that harmonize demand for clean energy with their capacity to deliver it?

Renewable Cities is a new global initiative of the Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue that supports cities through the transition to 100% renewable energy and will be launching through a Global Learning Forum from 13-15 May in Vancouver BC. At the Global Learning Forum, participants will have the opportunity to address these questions and learn from leading jurisdictions. Here, city and utility staff, private sector innovators, civil society leaders, and key researchers will gather in one of the world’s greenest cities to take part in a solutions-focused dialogue towards 100% renewables and energy efficiency in cities.

The Forum will kick off with an inspirational evening event to showcase the cultural shift to 100% renewable energy in cities. On days two and three, small group capacity building sessions, panel discussions, networking, and site visits to Vancouver’s cleantech and RE projects will take place. The capacity building sessions are being designed across four streams—legislation, building political will, finance, and technology—and will enhance the ability of cities to make shifts in their energy systems.

Join us at the Global Learning Forum and take part in the global movement for 100% renewable energy in cities. To learn more and to register, visit


About Renewable Cities

Situated in the city of Vancouver, Canada, which aims to be the greenest city in the world by 2020 and has been internationally recognized for its Greenest City Action Plan, Renewable Cities is a new global 5-year program of the Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue and builds on the leadership to support cities through the transition to 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency. The program will leverage its expertise as a research-based based dialogue convener to support the work of our municipal, private sector, and civil society partners in the 100% renewable energy movement.

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