PuSh Festival : Do you see what I mean ?

Created by Lyon-based Project In Situ, Do You See What I Mean ? is an innovative work of contemporary theatre. This piece guides individual spectators on a 2.5 hour blindfolded tour of the streets, storefronts and homes of Vancouver. This event is supported by Consulate General of France in Vancouver.

“The idea is simple yet brilliant and it allows you to encounter the city differently : to listen, to feel, to love it again. What is the world like without our vision ?
The project by Chaput/Chazallon prefers to pose questions rather than offer neat answers. Its better like that [...] Still with the eyes blindfolded you are surprised into an unexpected pas de deux with your guide.

In situ

In the place, the natural frame, the normal, habitual location. What is the place of the body ? Where is located the other’s body, one’s own body, the body of the other self ?

Projet in situ examines the intimate and collective memories of the body, its political and social dimensions. Where is the corporeal imagery of each individual forged ? In what recesses of the self are identity and otherness negotiated ? A corporeal duality emerges from these investigations, in which the choreographic language of Martin Chaput and Martial Chazallon, finds its source.

For each new creation, a different team is assembled, transdisciplinary artists from the world of contemporary dance, from here, there, far, near. To get together and experiment, exchange views, transpose tools for choreographic, visual and musical creation.

A daily existence that differs, transforming the context of each creation and each performance, itself conceived as a time for re-definition, a circulation of ideas where new constraints create presence, a space of freedom, of tentative dialogue, a negotiation around the usage of that space by inhabited bodies.
Physical beings, corporalities transformed by the daily effects of political, social, cultural influences.

Investigating the body of the spectator in all of its states ; to mobilize and redefine its presence, its connection to the Other in the place of (re)presentation, be it stage, public space, private space, territory, an in-between

After training in dance in Montreal, Martin Chaput settled in France where he worked most notably with Jean-Perreault, Philippe Genty, Claire Jenny, Thierry and Marion Bae, Luc Perrot, Rémi Uchéda, associating dance and working with materials, and setting up plastic arts. Since 1999 he has created his own projects where he questions the privacy of the dancer, his cultural and social identity in a choreographic research of intimate and urban corporality.

Since the creation of “Wake Up !” in South Africa in 2000, Martial Chazallon has been exploring reinvesting urban spaces through art installations and dancers’ bodies, and how creative processes can work to transform the places and their original purposes.

This research has been the starting point for choreography which he has then developed with dancers and choreographers from Mexico, Canada (Daniel Soulières) Mozambique (Panaibra Gabriel) and plastic artists Maciej Fiszer, Maryvonne Arnaud, and Berry Bickle

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