Profitable program for your international development [fr]

The V.I.E. Program aims to reinforce the international development of French companies while offering dynamic young graduates an opportunity to benefit from a formative experience abroad.

The V.I.E. Program enables French companies to send a young person between 18 and 28 years of age on an assignment abroad for a flexible period ranging from 6 to 24 months in Canada.

The assignments offered to the candidates are diverse and depend on the companies’ needs: market research, technical support to local teams, quality control, financial control, and sales or communications management, human resources etc.

To learn more about this program, download the PDF brochure.

PDF - 740.5 kb
(PDF - 740.5 kb)

Canada contact:
Anne-Sophie Chaland – V.I.E. Project Manager CANADA
Phone: +(1) 514-670-3978

Dernière modification : 08/05/2018

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