Postdoctoral fellowship in France

Le Studium offers postdoctoral fellowships in region Centre-Val de Loire of France.

LE STUDIUM finances several research awards to welcome experienced international researchers in the region for a one-year residency or a few weeks in a high level host laboratory of the region Centre-Val de Loire of France. In parallel, LE STUDIUM leads a scientific animation that allows cross-disciplinary exchanges and the creation of long lasting relationships between international research teams.

The call for applications, open from November each year to February next year, enables LE STUDIUM to select high-level candidates with ambitious research projects.

A new call has been launched on the 9th November 2015 and will close on the 8th February 2016 – 5pm local time. You, or someone from your network, may be interested by the different award formats of the Smart Loire Valley Programme: LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP and LE STUDIUM RESEARCH PROFESSORSHIP or LE STUDIUM CONSORTIUM.

LE STUDIUM Fellowships pay for researchers’ salary (12-month contract), scientific animation and accommodation. LE STUDIUM also deals with all logistics and administrative aspects (visa, residence permit, registration to social agencies, medical coverage, school for children, diverse activities…) to welcome international researchers and their family into the local community.

Discover the different programmes.

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