Post-doctorate open positions in France

IFP Energies nouvelles is a public-sector research, innovation and training center active in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. Every year, IFP Energies nouvelles offers internships, PhD and post-doctorate positions in France in various diversified fields.


If you are interested in joining a program, please send a CV and a cover letter to

Two positions are currently opened:
Post-doctorate position at IFPEN (France) : « Optimal design of experiments
and sensitivity analysis for atmospheric gas-oil hydro-treatment models

PDF - 17.8 kb
(PDF - 17.8 kb)

Post-doctorate position at IFPEN (France) : « Multi-criteria optimization of an
innovative high efficiency combustion engine »

PDF - 17.1 kb
(PDF - 17.1 kb)

Dernière modification : 04/02/2015

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