Paris, May 31, 2012

Excerpts from the daily press briefing by Bernard Valero, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesman (Paris, 31st May 2012) :

Telephone conversation between Mr. Laurent Fabius and his Jordanian counterpart, Mr. Nasser Judeh (May 31, 2012)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Laurent Fabius, spoke on the telephone yesterday with his Jordanian counterpart, Mr. Nasser Judeh. The conversation was largely devoted to the situation in Syria, as well as to the Middle East peace process.

The ministers discussed their respective meetings over the past few days with Mr. Kofi Annan, United Nations and Arab League Joint Special Envoy. They expressed their support for Mr. Annan’s demands for concrete and urgent measures by the Damascus regime, notably with respect to putting an end to the violence, the release of imprisoned opponents, and media access. The ministers also underscored the essential role played by Russia in the international efforts to put an end to the conflict.

They also discussed the situation of the 120,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, Syria’s neighbor, and Mr. Judeh reaffirmed the Jordanian authorities’ desire to establish a humanitarian platform for treating casualties and delivering humanitarian relief to Syria.

With respect to the Middle East peace process, Mr. Judeh commented on his meeting on May 29 with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, and recalled Jordan’s efforts to promote the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. The minister underlined the importance for both parties to resume the peace process, while the Israeli government now has a large majority enabling it to take initiatives to that end.

Lastly, Mr. Fabius proposed to his counterpart that a further round of the Franco-Jordanian dialogue should take place very soon. Mr. Judeh agreed to this proposal and invited the minister to visit Jordan in the near future.

4th Salon des solidarités - Parc des Expositions at La Porte de Versailles (June 1, 2012)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays an active role in the Salon des solidarités. The initial phase brings together, every two years, international solidarity actors and the general public interested in the challenges of development assistance and emergency humanitarian relief.

The Quai d’Orsay supports the international commitment of French international solidarity NGOs and their initiatives. To that end, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is mobilizing €45 million for development projects implemented by AFD and €8.5 million per year for emergency humanitarian action.

This process is aimed at strengthening cooperation between the French NGOs and civil society in the South and taking action more closely geared to the needs of the vulnerable populations.

Full information on the Salon des solidarités is available here :

Conference to mobilize support for African mothers (June 1, 2012)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation) will organize on Friday, June 1 a conference aimed at mobilizing support for African mothers at the Ministerial Conference Center, 27 rue de la Convention.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is fully committed to improving the health of mothers and children. It invites a large number of institutions, associations and private actors to participate in this meeting which is part of the international “Stand Up for African Mothers” campaign. The goal of this campaign, which is supported by Ms. Graça Machel Mandela, is to train 15,000 midwives in order to reduce infant mortality in Africa by 25% by 2015.

With three years left before the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, Esther Madudu, an African midwife and 2015 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, will launch an initial appeal to the European governments, organizations and media aimed at promoting the health of African mothers. She will kick off an international tour in France in order to draw attention to the healthcare needs of African mothers and the importance of the role of midwives in addressing these needs.

This conference is open to the press.

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