Paris, 5 juillet 2012

Excerpt from the daily press briefing by Bernard Valero, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’spokesman (Paris, 5th July 2012)

Croatia Summit (July 6 to 7, 2012)

The 7th Croatia Summit will take place from July 6 to 7. At a time when Croatia is preparing to become, in less than a year, a full member of the EU, this annual international conference, which will bring together, in Dubrovnik, most countries of the region – EU members and Balkan countries that are EU candidates, – will this year focus mainly on sharing European experience in building the rule of law and on relations with the countries in transition on the southern shores of the Mediterranean. France will be represented at the summit by the Director of the European Union and a representative from the cabinet of the minister delegate for European affairs.

This conference will provide an opportunity for an exchange of views with the representatives of many States, notably those that would like to join the European Union, including Montenegro, with which accession negotiations were initiated on June 29.

As a reminder, there was a consensus decision by the General Affairs Council of June 26 to start accession negotiations with Montenegro. This decision was the EU’s response to the progress made by Montenegro with respect to the key criteria that been set by the Council in December 2010. It was however also accompanied by a strengthening of the framework for negotiations with Montenegro, notably with respect to issues relating to the areas of justice and the rule of law (independence of justice, the fight against organized crime and corruption, as well as money laundering) where Montenegro still has a lot to do. The accession negotiations with Montenegro will therefore begin with the chapters devoted to these issues.

This strengthened arrangement should help Montenegro to make the efforts that are still required and to facilitate the adoption of the acquis. It will also establish a framework that will serve as a model for future enlargement.

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