Movies from France at the VIFF 2020 [fr]

The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is taking place online due to COVID-19 from September 24 to October 7.

As every year, several movies from France are part of the programming, 12 this year !

And as every year, it is a wonderful opportunity to discover the creativity and diversity of French cinema.


- Summer of 85 (Eté 85) by Francois Ozon (Cannes label) – with a special presentation.
- Father by Srdan Golubović (co-production)
- My donkey, My lover and I (Antonette dans les Cevennes) by Caroline Vignal (Cannes label)
- Jumbo by Zoé Wittock (co-production)
- In the name of the land (Au nom de la terre) by Edouard Bergeron
- Undine by Christian Petzold (co-production)
- Yalda, a night for Forgiveness by Massoud Bakhshi (co-production)
- Delete history by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern (co-production).


- Maguy Marin: Time to act (D’urgence d’agir) by David Mambouch
- Wolf walk (Marche avec les Loups) by Jean-Michel Bertrand
- In the track of – Special edition by Pascale Cuenot
- My voice will be with you (Ma voix t’accopmpagnera) by Bruno Tracq (co-production)
- Paris Calligrammes by Ulrike Ottinger (co-production)

With a French national as main character

- Marcel Duchamp: Art of the impossible by Matthew Taylor (USA)
- Super Frenchie by Chase Ogden (USA)


Animated Tales
- To the dusty sea (À la mer poussière) by Héloïse Ferlay – interview with the Director
- Sheep, Wolf and a cup of tea by Marion Lacourt
- The roses of Damascus by Gabriel Gonzalez Guirola
- Empty Places by Geoffory de Crécy – interview with the Director

Dans la série Come hell or…
- Flawless (Irreprochable) by Nathan Franck

Dans la série release me from this darkness
- Not a word (Motus) by Elodie Wallace

Dans la série Tell us about her life
- Now Daphne (Traverser la nuit) by Johann G. Louis

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