" Marque France: a strong conviction that must be shared by our fellow countrymen”

Excerpts from this article.

At this stage in the launch of the Marque France mission, what first information can you give us about its function or its vision?

"Today, we must definitely create a coherent strategy to promote all of our assets (our products, our expertise, our territories…) both in France and abroad, and to promote not only the attractiveness of our country, but also France’s influence around the world.

"Marque France" must play a unifying role between all of the parties involved: economic actors, the State, regional communities, but also French citizens and consumers, who are the primary ambassadors and spokespeople in this matter.

"Marque France" is an identity, the promotion of expertise that must be understood in greater detail and more clearly identified. It is also a strong conviction that must be shared by our fellow countrymen.

It is a rallying, unifying concept that also demonstrates the coherence of policies guided by the Government and the spirit of unity among its members. We have come together to address the goal of competitiveness, each of us in very different sectors, but all of us playing a role to promote our economy.

The preparatory mission that we recently entrusted to Philippe Lentschener, Michel Gardel, Clara Gaymard, Robert Zarader, and agnès b., and which will deliver its conclusions on May 1st, 2013, will contribute to the launch projects based around this Marque France campaign."

Crafts, trade, and tourism: What does Marque France represent for the sectors for which you are responsible? What expectations have you already discovered among industry professionals?

"My ministry sits at the crossroads of history, culture, territory, business… all of the domains that allow France to expand.

With regard to the three sectors for which I am responsible, a coherent strategy for the promotion of products, services, and expertise is essential. This brand must bring about new dynamism, innovation, and modernization while maintaining a high degree of expectations for product quality.

Artisanal crafting comes to mind, where knowledge and skill is transmitted from one generation to the next. Beyond the Images d’Épinal, one of the best other examples is our bakeries, which know how to sell our bread around the world and to constantly reinvent themselves.

I think of artistic professions, which employ a total of 95,000 people and account for roughly 10% of France’s exports. I also think of commerce, which extends well beyond our borders. This is the sector that conveys our image all over, through territories and cities, to make contact with both tourists and the French. "Marque France" must be a gateway to the attractiveness of our country, whether it is in terms of visiting France or buying French products here or abroad. It is a tool in service of competitiveness…"
Photo : Patrick Do Dinh/SIG

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