Long stay visa for Monaco

Visas valid for France are also valid to enter Monaco and stay in Monaco for less than 3 months; specific regulation applies for stay of more than 3 months to study or live in Monaco without studying.

Any foreigner going to Monaco for more than 90 days must hold a long stay visa before departing. Visas are only issued outside of France and Monaco in the applicant’s country of permanent residence.
Visa allows you to have a legal status in Monaco.

The only foreigners who are exempt from requesting a visa are nationals of :

• of the European Union member states

• of the European Economic Trade Area member states

They must however request a residence permit within the first 2 months following their arrival.

Requirements :

- 2 long stay visa application form per applicant filled out and signed, each one with a recent original identity picture. Attach a post-it to one of the forms stating your intended departure date from Western Canada to Monaco. This information is very important since it will be used to date the visa.

PDF - 28.4 kb
Long stay visa application form
(PDF - 28.4 kb)
PDF - 47.8 kb
Formulaire demande visa de long séjour
(PDF - 47.8 kb)

- 2 photocopies of the first pages (picture and personal data) of your passport. It should be valid at least one year longer than the date of arrival to Monaco. If you intend to stay in Monaco less than a year, the validity of the passport should exceed the expiry date of the visa by a minimum of 3 months.

For permanent residents (landed immigrants) only : 2 photocopies of both sides of your Permanent Residence Card

- 1 recent color photo, format 35mm x 45mm, with a clear plain background. The height must be between 31.5mm and 36mm from chin to crown. The person’s head must be full front view centered in the middle of the photograph. Photos with hat, caps, sunglasses, etc. will not be accepted nor digitized photos.

- Required Photo quality :

PDF - 220.6 kb
Photo requirements
(PDF - 220.6 kb)

Important :

The following documents must be submitted in 2 separate sets :
1 set of only the originals and 1 set of letter-sized photocopies per applicant.
For all documents in English, please provide their translation into French.

Faxed copies or e-mails are not accepted

- A form called "Attestation sur l’honneur" completed and signed.
If you intend to work in Monaco, just cross the last line.

- Français & English :

PDF - 37.2 kb
attestation sur l\’honneur
(PDF - 37.2 kb)

- A document called Canadian Police Certificate for visa application / Foreign travel / Foreign work permits which can be obtained at the RCMP detachment of your place of residence. It is usually a bilingual document.

- An undertaking to buy excess emergency medical insurance for the first 3 months of your stay in France, after approval of your visa. No need to have this letter notarized.

Français & English :

PDF - 44.9 kb
(PDF - 44.9 kb)

Depending on the purpose of your stay you need to provide:

• Either a letter from your bank stating that you have sufficient funds ($CAN 1200 per month and per person) allowing you to support yourself and/or your family during your stay in Monaco during the period you wish to live there and to pay for your return trip to Canada.

And/or any other proof of financial resources such as dividends, pensions, investments, bonds, etc. detailed in a letter from your bank.

• Or a project of work contract approved by the Employment Office in Monaco, if you are going to work.

• Or your application for a Monegascan business license.

• Or a work contract validated by the Employment Service of the Principality.

• Or an application for authorization to start a business or a company.

• Or evidence of marriage for the spouses of French nationals, Monacans or foreigners who reside in Monaco.

- Documents regarding your lodging in Monaco. You must submit a lease contract or a promise of lease or a proof of home ownership in Monaco. Or a written undertaking stating that you will submit one of the above mentioned documents to Monegascan authorities within two months after arrival if the visa long stay visa is granted.

evidence of accommodation :

• a lease contract or a promise of lease,

• or a property ownership deed,

• or a certificate of gratuitous accommodation issued by the Public Security of Monaco,

- The visa application fee.

Time process

It usually takes 3 to 4 months to receive approval from Monegascan authorities.

For holders of temporary Monaco work permits :

A special procedure applies to persons holding a work permit for Monaco valid for a period of less than 6 months.

For specific information, or if you have questions after reading this webpage, contact the visa section directly via e-mail: visas@consulfrance-vancouver.org

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