International Workshop on Calving


The France-Alberta Science and Technology Initiative (FAST!) jointly launched in 2011 by the University of Alberta and the Science and Technology Office of the Embassy of France in Ottawa.

Part of this initative, the International Workshop on Calving was organised by Martin Sharp from the University of Alberta (Canada) and Jean Krug and Olivier Gagliardini from the LGGE (University of Grenoble, France) on the 1st and 2nd of June 2014.

During two days, 34 participants from 11 countries, worked around the question of calving of icebergs, from the modelling and observational point of views.

Objectives of the workshop

For observers - to learn whether they are observing what the modellers think needs to be observed - and if not to figure out what changes are needed.

For modellers - to learn whether they are simulating what is being observed - and, if so, how successfully they are doing it. We may not be able to answer that question - but a numerical benchmarking experiment linked to both simple experiments and attempts to replicate observations could be a big step forward in establishing where we are at.

The workshop consisted in 7 keynote lectures on different thematic followed by discussions.

The website of the workshop contains a lot of available material: http://wwwlgge.

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