How to apply?

Personal appearance

As of May 15th, 2014, with the implementation of the V.I.S (Visa Information System), all applicants over the age of 12 will have to get their biometric data - photo and fingerprints - collected.
Therefore, applicants, wherever they reside, will have to come in person to file their applications in Vancouver.
As of March 30th, 2017, Canadian students and participants in the Youth Exchange program must now also apply in person. Applications by mail are no longer accepted.

How do I apply?

1. Figure out if you need a visa

2. Gather all required documents (original and photocopies)

3. Book an appointment.

About documents

- The Consulate General does not make photocopies of documents.

- Any document to submit has to be in "letter" size. They must be in English or French.

- An incomplete file can not be fully processed.

- Any internet banking document downloaded from internet and not stamped by your actual bank branch manager won’t be accepted as proof of your financial resources. All documents must clearly bear the name of the customer.

- We strongly advise that you do not purchase a non-refundable, non-flexible air ticket before receiving your visa. We do not accept responsibility for any financial loss and we do not fast track applications solely due to planned date of travel.

Photo requirements

ID photographs provided with a visa application must be :

* recent,

* in color on a plain white background,

* of full front view,

* taken facing the camera.

* No side or angled view are acceptable.

* Size: 35 mm X 45 mm.

For further details, please check this document :

PDF - 220.6 kb
Photo requirements
(PDF - 220.6 kb)

How does the interview work?

The applicant will be interviewed by a visa officer. This interview can be done in English or French, depending on the applicant’s choice.
The duration of an appointment slot is 10 minutes per person.


Processing time

Depending on the applicant’s nationality and the type of visa requested, the processing time varies (between 1 day and several weeks).

Be aware that there is no fast track nor rush procedure.

Visas cannot be issued more than 3 months prior to your date of departure, except for long stay visas for Monaco.

After the interview

When visas cannot be issued on the same day, applicants will be given the possibility to have their passport(s) sent back to them by post, provided a pre-paid, fully addressed Canada Post Xpress Post envelope is supplied with the documents.


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