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Following the success of the first event, Laurent Fabius decided to make Goût de France / Good France an annual event. Every 21 March, French gastronomy and the values it promotes are thus celebrated all around the world.


1500 chefs, 1500 menus, 150 embassies on 5 continents

On the occasion of the launch of 2016’s event, the Minister and Alain Ducasse presented the participating restaurants, in countries all around the world. In the end, more than 1500 restaurants worldwide have been selected for the Goût de France / Good France event of 21 March 2016.

With almost a third of foreign tourists citing gastronomy and wine as some of the main aspects that drew them to visit France, the Goût de France / Good France event highlights the French art de vivre and its local produce, while promoting France as a destination.

Goût de / Good France in Canada)

In addition to the 1500 participating restaurants, our embassies were also fully involved in organizing the event, and were holding their own dinners, hosted by the ambassadors.


The legendary high-end French brasserie Le Crocodile hosted this year again Good France with a very special menu on March 22nd, 2016:

Entrée : Creme Dubary servie avec chair de crabe du Pacifique
Plat 1 : Raviolis de champignons et veloute au foie gras
Plat 2 : Filet de boeuf Wellington, réduction au porto et brunoise de truffes d’hiver
Fromage(s) : Trio de fromages de France
Dessert 1 : Sorbet a l’ananas
Dessert 2 : Souffle a la noix de coco et crème anglaise au rhum

In the Media


Famous Chef Jan Hansen from Chef’s Table, one of the top fine-dining establishments in Calgary served his guests a very fine and delicate menu:

Entrée : Roasted Bone Marrow Persillade, Escargot, Toasted Baguette
Plat 1 : Coquille Saint Jacques, Truffle Potato espuma
Plat 2 : Foie Gras Terrine, Macadamia Nut Butter, Sour Cherry Compote, Feuilletine, Freeze Dried Yogurt
Fromage(s) : Comte, Brillant Saverin, St Agur, Buckwheat Honey
Dessert : Gateaux Opera, Espresso Fluid Gel

Price per person : C$98

Address : Kensington Riverside Inn 1126 Memorial Drive NW
T2N 3E3 Calgary

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