Going as an "Au Pair"

1. What is an "Au Pair" visa?

2. Applying for an "Au Pair" visa

3. Schedule an appointment

1. What is an "Au Pair" visa?

Eligibility criteria:
- you are between 17 and 30 years old
- you want to go to France to learn (or perfect your) French and discover the French culture and plan to stay for over 90 days
- you would like to live with a French family for the duration of your stay.

Please note that the consulate cannot help you find a host family.

IMPORTANT: The 3D working-holiday visa cannot be used to go to France as an "au pair". Applicants wishing to go to France to do so have to apply for the "Au Pair" visa.

2. Applying for an "Au Pair" visa

Applications must be filed in person at the consulate, including for Canadian Citizens.

Processing time : 3 to 10 business days approximately.

This process cannot be expedited, so make sure you apply sufficiently in advance (at least three weeks before your scheduled departure).

If you cannot come back to the Consulate to pick-up your passport, please provide a self-addressed Xpresspost or prepaid FedEx envelope.

Required documents

Please note that you are required to submit both original and copies of all your documents (except for the application form). All supporting documents have to be submitted in letter format. When preparing your application, make sure that all the documents are submitted in the following order, with the original and copy together.

- Passport + copy of its identification page(s).
The passport has to be valid for at least three months following the applicant’s return to Canada

- One (1) long stay visa application form, duly filled out and signed

PDF - 28.4 kb
Long stay visa application form
(PDF - 28.4 kb)
PDF - 47.8 kb
Formulaire demande visa de long séjour
(PDF - 47.8 kb)

- Two (2) recent and identical ID photos : format 35mmx45mm only, with a clear and plain background. Pictures with hat, caps, sunglasses, etc.. will not be accepted.

PDF - 220.6 kb
Photo requirements
(PDF - 220.6 kb)

- Any document supporting your status in Canada and allowing your re-entry for at least 6 months (PR card, work or study permit…). This does not apply to Canadian citizens travelling on a Canadian passport.

- Letter of enrolment/pre-enrolment from the educational institution you will be attending in France

- Last diploma or transcript for the last school year.

- "Accord de placement", signed by both parties and stamped by the DIRECCTE in France.
Make sure the accord has been stamped, as no visa application can be processed if it is not the case.

- The OFII form, with the upper part filled out

PDF - 35.1 kb
OFII form (English)
(PDF - 35.1 kb)
PDF - 211.7 kb
Formulaire OFII (français)
(PDF - 211.7 kb)

If your visa is granted, the consulate will stamp this form and return it to you. Upon your arrival in France, you will have to fill out the last portion and mail the form to the OFII office closest to your home in France. A list of offices is provided with the form.

3. Schedule an appointment

Before booking your appointment, please make sure you read the "What to know before applying"section.

Once you have collected all the documents and read the "What to know before applying" section, you can schedule an appointment. Please note that it is one appointment per passport.

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