Getting a French Police Clearance

To obtain a French Police clearance certificate (called extrait de casier judiciaire in French), you need to take the following steps :

1. Procedure

1. Download, fill out (use black ink) and sign the following application form (only in French).

PDF - 38.3 kb
(PDF - 38.3 kb)

2. If you were not born in France, attach a copy of an i.d. piece such as the main pages of your passport, of your driver’s license or any other document showing your picture, birth date and current address.

If you were born in a French Overseas Territory, apply to the Tribunal de Première Instance (county court) of your place of birth. To find a list of the Tribunaux de Première Instance in the French Overseas territories, visit the Ministry of Justice’s web site

3. Mail everything directly to:

Casier judiciaire national

107, rue Landreau

44317 Nantes Cedex 3


2. Delay

It usually takes two to three weeks to obtain the Police clearance certificate.

3. Cost

This document is free of charge.

Only the person who is directly concerned may apply to obtain a police clearance certificate.

For more information, visit the web site of the Ministry of Justice

Dernière modification : 23/02/2012

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