Frequently asked questions

1- Contacting the French Consulate General

1.1- Can I contact the visa section by phone?

NO. The visa section can only be reached by e-mail: contact us.
We do our best to answer as fast as possible. However, the visa officer is at the counter on mornings and some delay may occur.

2- Applying for a visa

2.1- Where is the Consulate General of France located?

The Consulate General of France in Vancouver is located at 1130 West Pender street, 11th floor. Click here for the map.

The closest Skytrain stations are Burrard and Waterfront.

2.2- Can I apply by mail? It would save a trip to Vancouver...

Only certain categories are allowed to apply by mail. They are listed here.

2.3- I live in Alberta/Saskatchewan. May I apply at a French Consulate in Calgary or Edmonton?

There is no French consulate in Calgary or Edmonton.
Residents of Alberta will have to come in person to Vancouver to file their applications.

2.4- I live in a Northwestern State of the USA. May I apply in Vancouver?

No. The Consulate General of France in Vancouver has jurisdiction to issue visas to residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada only.

2.5- Can someone else apply for me?

No. Because visas are now biometric, personal appearance is mandatory -except children under 12 years old and applicants listed under the exemption list
Travel agents or other individuals are not allowed to represent the applicant.

2.6- Is there an expedited process?

No. A visa application cannot be expedited. Make sure you apply far enough in advance according to your nationality and at least fifteen days before your departure. Basically, the sooner, the better, but not more than 3 months before departure.

2.7- I will be travelling to France in a four-month time. Can I apply now for a visa ?

No, a visa may not be issued more than three months before the planned date for the trip.
The only exception to that rule is for people applying for long stay visas for Monaco.

2.8- How much does a visa cost?

Processing fees depend on the exchange rate. It may vary every 15 days, please check out the exact rates here.

2.9- Where can I get what is called "Attestation d’accueil"?

You may obtain an "attestation d’accueil" at the City Hall of the town where your relative lives. The original document has to be brought on the day of appointment, at it needs to be stamped by the Consulate and be presented at the French or Schengen border.

2.10- Where should I apply if I’m travelling to several Schengen countries?

- At the Consulate of the country of your main destination.

- At the Consulate of the country of your first entry if you plan to visit different Schengen states and staying the same amount of time in each country:

** The Netherlands if you enter through Amsterdam Schiphol
** Germany if you enter through Frankfurt
** France if you enter through Charles de Gaulle Airport.

3- About your appointment

3.1- May I come to the Consulate with no appointment?

The visa section is open to the public on an appointment basis, with no walk-ins allowed. The appointment system was implemented to provide you with a better service.We are requiring each passport holder to make an appointment (i.e. family of four=4 appointments). As a result: no waiting lines, no rush, no stress.

3.2- Can I book an appointment by mail or over the phone?

No. You need to book an appointment online.

3.3- I can’t book an appointment, the link doesn’t work.

To use the appointment system, the following configuration is required :

* Firefox 1.0 and higher

* Mozilla 1.7.8 and higher

* Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher

* Adobe Acrobat reader 5 or higher

* You need to enable your computer to open pop-ups by changing your browser settings.

3.4- I couldn’t print the confirmation for my appointment.

It is not a problem, as long as your appointment is confirmed in the system. Simply show up at the time of your appointment.

3.5- How do I reschedule my appointment?

If you are not able to attend, please free a slot by cancelling your previous appointment and reschedule another one.

You’ll need your passport number and the confirmation number to be able to access your schedule details.

You cannot change your appointment within 24hours of its date.

Do not overbook. The French Consulate will cancel appointments made by the same applicant on different days.

4- About your passport

4.1- What should be the validity of my passport?

Your passport should be less than 10 years old and valid at least 90 days after your date of return to Canada. It must have at least two blank visa pages available.

4.2- Can I travel with a Certificate of Identity?

No. The Certificate of Identity, issued by Canada, is not recognized. It is therefore not possible for its holder to travel to/obtain a visa for the Schengen zone.

5- Once in France

5.1- I have a long stay ’D’ visa, valid between 3 months and 1 year. May I travel to other countries of Europe?

Although the temporary long stay ’D’ visa (between 3 months and 1 year) is only valid for France + 1 transit in a Schengen country upon arrival:

Yes, you may travel to any Schengen area country for a maximum of 90 days per 6-month period while your long stay visa is valid.
A long stay visa is a multiple entries visa and allows its holder to exit and reenter as needed.

5.2- May I use the Schengen visa issued by the French Consulate General, to visit other European countries?

Yes, you may, as long as your visa stickers mentions the "Etats Schengen". However, please check on your visa sticker if restrictions apply (i.e: ’-PL’ means you may enter any Schengen State except Poland).

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