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Guest curator Thierry Garrel programmed this selection of archival and new French documentaries, and also contributed a lively essay to our program guide this year. The gift of French cinema to the world may have launched with the four R’s (Renoir, Rivette, Rohmer, and Rouch) but has expanded to include a new generation of extraordinary filmmakers.

The French documentary "Je suis le peuple" (I am the people) of Anna Roussillon won the festival’s feature documentary award.

As part of French French, we presented a special selection of films drawn from the legendary series Cinéma, de notre temps (Cinema, of Our Time). This group of films traces the evolution of French cinema from Jean Renoir to Alain Cavalier. André S. Labarthe personally introduced the program on Saturday May 2, 2015 at 11:00 AM with a special talk at SFU’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts.

Six French filmakers came to attend DOXA film festival and were available for some Q&A sessions and even some free Masterclass.


Cinéma, de notre temps

Jean Renoir le patron, La Règle et l’exception (Jean Renoir, The Boss: The Rule and the Exception), de Jacques Rivette
Georges Franju, le visionnaire (The Visionary), de Andrè S. Labarthe
Alain Cavalier, 7 chapitres, 5 jours, 2 pièces-cuisine (7 Chapters, 5 Days, 2 Rooms with a Kitchen), de Jean-Pierre Limosin
Jacques Rivette le veilleur I: Le jour (Jacques Rivette The Watchman I: The Day), de Claire Denis
Éric Rohmer, preuves à l’appui (Evidence), de André S. Labarthe
Mosso, Mosso (Jean Rouch comme si...) (As If), de Jean-André Fieshi
Où gît votre sourire enfoui? (Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?), de Pedro Costa and Thierry Lounas


New French documentary

Géographie humaine (Human Geography), de Claire Denis
La France est notre patrie (France is Our Mother Country), de André S. Labarthe
Spartacus & Cassandra, de Ionis Nuguet
Austerlitz, de Stan Neumann
Je suis le peuple (I am the people), Anna Roussillon
Le Paradis (Paradise), de Alain Cavalier
Of Men and War, de Laurent Bécue-Renard

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The entire program of the festival available online.

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