France reasserts its attractiveness to foreign investors in 2012

“France has a number of major advantages upon which it can draw,
including dynamic demographics, hourly productivity among the highest
in the OECD, a position as a global leader in several key sectors such
as aerospace and transport, as well as high-quality infrastructure.”
Angel Gurria, Secretary-General of the OECD.

"In the last 10 years, France has attracted 6,500 new foreign investments, generating 300,000 jobs. This trend showed little sign of waning in 2012, as France’s regional economic development agencies and the IFA recorded a total of 693 job-creating investment decisions made by foreign companies.

This figure, in line with the 2011 total, is one of the three best results in the last 10 years. These new investments will create or maintain nearly 26,000 jobs.

While questions persisted about how Europe will emerge from the economic downturn, international investors demonstrated their confidence in France as an investment location, whose structural advantages and responsiveness to events counted in its favor.
The French government’s “National Pact for Growth, Competitiveness and Employment” unveiled in November 2012, along with the labor market agreement established in January 2013 between employer federations and trade unions, have both served to illustrate France’s
drive and international outlook.

At the same time, the government’s statement on January 9, 2013 concerning France’s investment attractiveness called for a national effort to bring the number of job-creating foreign investments received
every year to 1,000 by 2017...

American companies continued to choose France as the location for new job-creating investments in 2012

The 2012 Report sheds light on this ambition, providing
an insightful overview of France’s key economic strengths
and the importance of attracting these investments.

It reminds us that foreign companies operating in France employ nearly two million people, are responsible for one-third of French exports, and make a major contribution to business enterprise research.

It also highlights how American companies continued to choose France as the location for new job-creating investments in 2012, consolidating the United States’ position as France’s leading foreign investor.

The continual importance of Europe, responsible for 60% of foreign investment projects, is also underlined, as well as the growing share of foreign investors from emerging economies, which now account for 8% of all projects.

As the “Say OUI to France, Say OUI to innovation” campaign continues in key foreign countries, France confirmed its capacity to attract research and development operations, with a burgeoning number of
investment decisions in this field in 2012.

More generally, this 2012 Report puts into perspective the work of the IFA and all public-sector stakeholders in a very competitive European environment as they promote inward investment to spur regional economic development and employment."

David Appia
Ambassador for International Investment
Chairman and CEO of the Invest in France Agency

Dernière modification : 11/04/2013

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