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A dedicated high-level event on the Arctic

On December 7-11 2015 the 11th edition of the ArticNet Annual Scientific Meeting was held in Vancouver. The meeting gathered researchers, students, Northerners, policy makers and stakeholders to address the numerous environmental, social, economical and political challenges and opportunities that are emerging from climate change and modernization in the Arctic.

As the largest annual Arctic research meeting in Canada, the network focused on disseminating and sharing the latest results from all fields of Arctic research. A French delegation attended the event. Johan Etourneau, head of mission at CNRS, one of the most important scientific research center in France, was invited by CBC Radio-Canada to discuss the stakes in the Arctic and the necessity to maintain cooperation with all stakeholders involved in the zone.

The interview can be listened online in French.

Arctic research is one of the priorities defined by Canadian Prime Minister and French President of France within the Program of Reinforced Cooperation the two countries signed in June 2013. France aims at stimulating collaborative research projects in all Artic research fields through the participation of French entities, such as Chantier Arctique (cluster gathering several ministeries (MAEDI, MENESR), and research institutions (CNRS, CNES, CEA, Ifremer, BRGM, IPEV, Météo France)).

What is ArcticNet?

ArcticNet is a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada. Its objective is to study the impacts of climate change and modernization in the coastal Canadian Arctic. ArcticNet was founded in December 2003. The total contributions of ArcticNet researchers – presentations, publications and other communications exceeds 3,700. After two mandates of 7 years, the activities of ArcticNet will cease in 2018. Nevertheless, the Arctic research community is aiming to maintain an active network after this date.

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