2019 Conferences "French Scholars Lecture Series" [fr]

The "French Scholars Lecture Series" is an interdisciplinary program co-organised with the Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies. Learn more about the 2019 conferences.

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February 14th
Bruno Amable
"The Rise and Impact of the Yellow Vests".

April 9th
Christopher Carcaillet
"Long-term Fire and Bioversity Dynamics in Subalpine Forests in the Alps,
Story of Glacial refugia of Trees with great view on glaciers in the southwestern Alps".

April 30th
Nicolas Perry
"Ecodesign and Life Cycle engineering: Environmental impact considerations in ingineering decisions related to circular economy and sustainable manufacturing".

Julia Cagé
"From Philanthropy to Democracy: rethinking Governance and Funding of High-Quality News in the digital age".

Frédérique de Vignemont
"Why do I feel this body as my own?".

Marie Jauffret-Roustide
"Contemporary issues of drug policy in Europe and America: Opioid crisis, drug consumption rooms and cannabis regulations".

Catherine Malecki
"Climate Finance: the European and French Leadership".

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