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The conference was recorded live and can now be viewed here.

A series of conferences

In the lead-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference hosted by France last December (COP 21 - Paris Climate 2015), the Embassies of France in both
Canada and the United States have been organizing the FACTS (French Ameri-Can Climate Talks) conference series since 2014.

More than 80 renowned panelists have been involved, and 8,000 people were impacted across the continents. In Western Canada, FACTS “Biodiversity and Innovation” will be the fourth one held in the region. Find out more about the previous editions here.

FACTS Vancouver 2016: Biodiversity and Innovation May 13th, 2016 - Vancouver

With major steps taken towards the preservation of natural habitats and species in 2016, FACTS Vancouver aimed at focusing on the linkage between biodiversity and innovation. In partnership with the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, the Consulate General of France in Vancouver co-organized a free public discussion held in the auditorium of the museum on May 13th 2016, just a few days prior to the International Day for Biological Diversity.



A mixed panel composed of some renowned scientists, entrepreneurs and researchers from both France and Canada debated on the latest methods to protect biodiversity but also on the recent significant innovations that remediate anthropogenic alterations.

"Biodiversity is the base of our lives" Daniel Pauly

In the introduction, M. Jean-Christophe Auffray (see program below for biography) reminded that the French government created a dedicated agency for Biodiversity and should be launched officially soon.

"I wish you a very biodiverse and innovative evening" - Jean-Christophe Auffray

Ross Beaty saluted the French government in français: "Félicitations, je vous remercie de mon coeur" saying "Paris (Cop21) really was a triumph" and that a "tireless work" was done to conduct the event before, during and after the event.

"Our economy needs to change, either by design or disaster" [...] Social justice is kind of irrelevant if our environment is ruined" - Ross Beaty

From the scientist to the legal to the entrepreneur angle, and both regarding marine and terrestrial biodiversity, each panelist presented their research, findings and views on the topic and below are a few quotes:

  • (We need to) "Reconnect the habitats so that species can move" - Jedediah Brodie
  • "Most of the tactics that we can use for protecting biodiversity are the same we’ve been using in conservation for a long time, so protecting habitat, protecting connectivity [...] we’re not talking about new things, we’re talking about things we get pretty well" Jedediah Brodie
  • "We will not fix the biodiversity issue if we don’t fix the Equity (to resources) issue" - Daniel Pauly
  • (We can’t recreate what we lost but we can) "Try to withdraw" - Alexandre Cluchier
  • "Better collaboration and coordination" is the key to move forward - Colleen Giroux-Schmidt))

"Biodiversity should not become a luxury"

Environmentalist, activist and elder David Suzuki, in attendance, took the floor and addressed the vital human need for air and it being the most important thing to protect.

Une centaine de personnes presentes
Les panelistes
Dr David Suzuki prend la parole
Les panelistes
Dr Suzuki et Dr Brodie
Une reception a suivi a conference, sous le squelette de la baleine au Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Dr Leporini (Attache scientifique du Consulat), Alexandre Cluchier (Eco-Med), Colleen Giroux-Schmidt avec une collègue (Innergex) et Joseph Pallant (Brinkman Climate)

This event has been carbon neutral thanks to the support of Brinkman Climate who offset the carbon emissions related to the conference including French speakers’ flights and reception.

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