Ecourban neighbourhood policy framework partnership between France and Canada [fr]

Dr Meg Holden

Dr Meg Holden is an Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Geography at Simon Fraser University and the founder of Ecourbanism Worldwide research blog. She was also part of the Vancouver False Creek eco neighborhood advisory committee, which hosted the Olympic Games athletes village.

France-BC collaboration

In 2017, she received a “France Canada Research Fund” new collaboration award for work in 2017-2019 on ecourban neighbourhood/écoquartiers outcomes for cities in BC and France. According to SFU, “it may be one of a very few social science projects funded.”

"Following this case, we hope to have material to make a comparison between the objectives and consequences of such dwellings in the capital and here in BC."

"We want to engage in a conversation that will lead to a better policy framework for "eco neighborhoods". We want to develop one that is more consistent in Canada since there are no national policy in place for sustainable environmental development at any level."

We sat down with her to know more about her work and the collaboration project.

Listen to the podcast about the main differences between France and BC.

(in France) « The majority of ecoquartiers are being developed in urban centers, Paris in particular, as ways to revitalize and improve the opportunities for high quality of life for social housing dwellers. In the North American context because these model sustainable neighborhoods are largely initiatives of the private sector, there is not the same kind of social conscience, these are developped to test primarily environmental technologies and environmental ways of designing lifestyles, without any necessary connections to improving the access to people of all the socio-economics strata to those neighborhoods so I think, particularly with the crisis of affordable housing that Vancouver is facing, we have a lot to learn from France at this moment.”

bc and france to collaborate on eco housing
Consulate General France

Watch the video where she presents how the project came about.

More about ecourban neighborhood

  • For the detailed information about the France Canada Research Fund, please visit and
  • To learn more about the Fréquel-Fontarabie ecourban neighborhood, download the presentation sheet
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  • Dr Meg Holden full biography at SFU website.

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