Digital art and interactive technology at the Banff Centre

Convergence, an international summit on art and technology was held at the Banff Centre in Alberta from November 27th to 29th gathering cultural stakeholders, researchers, and artists from Australia, the United States, Great Britain, France, Canada and Japan. During the various lectures, exhibitions and performances, the attendees were questioning the existing interactions between art and technology.

On that occasion, the French artistic group Scenocosme - Anaïs met den Ancxt and Grégory Lasserre - showcased one of their interactive artworks.

Akousmaflore : at the confluence between nature and technology

In the hallway of one of the conference rooms at the Banff Centre, visitors were invited to touch slightly the leaves of some real hanging plants.

The artwork is actually an interactive installation where each plant reacts in a different way to contact by a specific sound. The plant language occurs through touch and the close proximity of the spectator. This little interactive garden reacts to the invisible electrostatic aura of the visitors.

Through this minimalist installation, the artists feature the sensitive relationship between the plant and the visitor, inviting him/her to "enter into the intimacy of the plant".

This poetic artwork created in 2007 has already been showcased in different exhibitions around the world.


"Akousmaflore is the result of hybridization between nature and technology. Through very simple gestures, it creates a language. We developed some specific sounds for each plant that owns its proper sound behavior." explains Anaïs Met den Ancxt. "Each and every family of sound is a way to interpret the living."

According to Anaïs, this artwork questions the contemporary relationship with nature and how technology can serve rather than enslave humankind.

"We leave the virtual daily hyper-connectivity to experience a more sensitive approach to nature and technology."

For the visitor at Banff, Akousmaflore has triggered a great source of emotion and imagination.

Dernière modification : 05/12/2014

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