Cooperation on wood science [fr]

In order to strenghten the relationship between the Faculty of Forestry of the University of British Columbia and the Groupe ESB-Ecole Supérieure du Bois of Nantes (France), a cooperation agreement has been signed.

Both institutions are meant to increase their cooperation in the areas of forests, wood science and technology.
They aim at developing:

  • The exchange of visiting students, scholars and faculty;
  • The exchange of scholarly information including research papers, indices to theses, and books on relevant subjects;
  • The exchange of invitations to attend scholarly and technical meeting, forums and conferences;
  • Joint conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions;
  • Review of other possible areas of cooperation in a variety of education, research, and academic projects.

From March 23rd to March 25th 2015, Dr Julie Cool attended the Workshop on sawing organized by Jérôme Moreau, teacher and researcher at Ecole supérieure du bois (ESB) Nantes, the French engineering school of Wood technology and science based in Nantes.

From January 21st to January 23rd 2016, Franck Michaud, director of studies, Antoine Lebeau, in charge of International relations at ESB Nantes visited UBC Forestry department to strengthen their cooperation and identify projects where they can further collaborate.

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Franck Michaud, Director of Studies at ESB Nantes; Henri Nicolle, French student studying at UBC for an exchange semester; Antoine Lebeau, in charge of International relations at ESB Nantes ICI Radio-Canada

They both went to Radio-Canada for an interview along with Henri Nicolle, a French student recently arrived at UBC for an exchange semester.
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