Centre national de la recherche scientifique awarded first place at the 2012 SCImago Ranking

CNRS awarded first place at the SCImago Institutions Ranking by (SIR), which produces the most comprehensive ranking of the best scientific institutions worldwide. CNRS is also in 2012 among the 100 global institutions, public and private leaders in the field of innovation ("Top 100 global innovators").

The SIR World Report 2012 includes 3290 (3042 in 2011’s edition)
research institutions from 106 countries.

It is the most comprehensive ranking of Worldwide Research Institutions.
Following the goal of embracing every institution around the world with meaningful scientific output, the ranking now includes 3,290 institutions that together are responsible for more than 80%
of worldwide scientific output during the term 2006-10 as indexed in Elsevier’s Scopus database.

The intended target audience of SIR World Report 2012 is formed by policymakers, research managers, researchers, media and general public interested in finding out about research performance of worldwide Institutions.

Excerpt from 2012 Scimago Ranking

- 1 - Centre national de la recherche scientifique(CNRS)
- 2 - Chinese Academy of sciences
- 3 - Russian Academy of Sciences

- Read the entire report

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