Celebrating Europe in Vancouver [fr]

Europe’s day is held every year on May 9th and celebrates peace and unity. That day marks the "Schuman declaration" anniversary date. In 1950, then France’s Foreign Affairs minister Robert Schuman, in what became a historical speech, launched the idea of a new political cooperation amongst European countries. This would make any war between members impossible, even unthinkable.

His ambition was to create a European institution which would bring together coal and steel producers. Such deal was signed less than a year later. Schuman’s proposition is considered as the trigger point to what the European Union has become.

The European Union Chamber in Western Canada, with the support of the European Union’s Consulate Generals, organised a conversation on the European Union and Canada’s partnership for economical growth held April 30th at SFU downtown. Speakers included Canadian companies doing business in the European Union, a UBC professor and Consul General of France, Philippe Sutter.

Consul General of France, Philippe Sutter stressed the great advantages offered by the CETA agreement between the European Union and Canada, and shared success stories and positive experiences of French companies in Canada. He also encouraged all economic actors to grab this business opportunity which is just getting started.

Dernière modification : 03/05/2018

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