Call back for duo Scenocosme - art and digital technology [fr]

Art, technology, sounds and architecture: mixing art and digital technology to find substances of dreams, poetries, sensitivities and delicacies.


In 2015, French artists duo Anaïs met den Ancxt and Grégory Lasserre exposed at the Banff Centre in Alberta during the Sommet Convergence. Appraised peers and the public, they returned to Canada for a residency and unique exhibit at the Surrey Art Gallery, BC.

In September, Scenocosme is unveiling a new site-specific iteration of their artwork, Rencontres Imaginaires (a series of interactive behavioral video works) at the UrbanScreen, an offsite programming venue of the Surrey Art Gallery. The UrbanScreen is North America’s largest non-commercial outdoor screen, an architectonic projection on the side of the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre in Surrey. Since 2010, the UrbanScreen has showcased innovative digital and interactive artworks to the public.

"In this creation, we prompt the public to react in response to virtual contacts. People use their playful hands to scratch ears, caress hair, touch lips, etc. The contact is virtual but triggers unusual and unexpectedly real feelings which in turns creates amusement. Each can become entertained, embarrassed, bothered or a sense of pleasure."

Digital art
As a viewer, you are invited to engage in imaginary encounters with “virtual friends” in realtime through a digital kiosk and large-scale projection. The pre-recorded videos of “virtual friends” prompt you to react to their gestures, perhaps allowing (or not allowing) them to touch your hands, look at you, or pass you an object.

Wondering how you would feel? Find out Septembre 29th (and until close of the exhibition on January 8, 2017) ! Below is a preview captured during the artists’ work.

Rencontres Urbaines
Rencontres Urbaines
Rencontres Urbaines
Rencontres Urbaines
Rencontres Urbaines

France and the Surrey Art Gallery
The Consulate General is very pleased to be working with renown Surrey Art Center. Curator of Exhibitions and Collections Jordan Strom has hosted several French curators at the Gallery since 2011, such as Jerome Delorme from Gaîté Lyrique, Pierre Bal-Blanc at CAC Brétigny, and Annick Burreaud, associated with Leonardo. In October 2013, the French Embassy in Ottawa invited Jordan on behalf of the Institut Français and its FOCUS program, to visit Parisian arts centres in order to exchange best practices as well as research models of engaging diverse cultural communities.

More information
- Learn more about the artwork on the Scenocosme site
- Discover the UrbanScreen.
- Download the SAG program including the exhibit presentation pages 12-13 .

- WHO: Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt from Scenocosme at the Surrey Art Gallery
- WHAT: Rencontres Imaginaires interactive behavioral video works
- WHEN: Septembre 29th - January 8th, 2017.
- TIME: Visit SAG for the gallery opening hours.
- WHERE: Visit SAG for the directions.

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Installation interactive de Scenocosme

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