Artefacts of Encounter: Cross-Cultural Exchange in Historical and Interdisciplinary Perspective

This exploratory workshop sponsored by the Peter Wall Institute in partnership with Consulate General of France in Vancouver will bring April 11-14, 2013 to Vancouver international specialists in anthropology, history, the history of science and art history, including scholars and curators at UBC, to discuss methodological issues and recent thinking on the role of artefacts, broadly construed, in encounters between different peoples across space and time.

In conjunction with academic staff from the “Artefacts of Encounter” project at the University of Cambridge, as well as members of the Reciprocal Research Network of museums and First Nations bands (of which the Museum of Anthropology UBC is an active and prominent member), the workshop will explore the kinds of objects that emerge in situations of “cross-cultural contact,” with a focus on late-eighteenth-century encounters in the Americas and the Pacific and their still-unfolding legacy.

Artefacts exhibited at Quai Branly Museum in Paris (France)

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