An internship (in Paris) that really helped my career

« I had the experience to do an internship – paid internship unlike Canada or the US- which really helped my career and find a job»



A few days only before heading to France to start her new job at a company in Paris, we sat down with Tina Mashreghi, a Canadian student who graduated from the dual degree UBC/Sciences Po. Tina shares her experience about:

  • the study differences between France and Canada
  • how to live affordably with the CAF
  • how to apply for a visa and which ones
  • and what it takes to find work in France.
"People in France take their social life very seriously, which is great"


Secrets to finding affordable housing

Studying in France: the great student life inc. paid internships

Finding a job in France for Canadians

The ease of getting a visa for France

Tina: Why I chose France


UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree allows students to spend two years in France (in one of the three anglophones campuses) and two years at UBC in one their two well-known campuses: The Faculty of Arts et The Sauder School of Business. This dual degree program is the first of its kind for UBC. The first promotion graduated in May 2017.

Quick facts about Sciences Po in Canada

Sciences Po Paris currently has 16 partnerships with Canadian Universities which represents about 150 student placements. Canada is the third country where French students go during their third year.

Did you know ?

Some of Canada’s most renowned figures studied at Sciences Po such as Stéphane Dion and Pierre Trudeau.

For more information

Thank you to Salade de Fruits Café in Vancouver for providing the video shoot location.

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