A year in Paris with media personnality Sarah Bancroft

Sarah Bancroft is a Canadian media personality, co-founder of the trendsetting web-native magazine VitaminDaily and former senior editor at Vancouver magazine. She and her family decided to live one year in Paris. We asked her why this move and impressions these first weeks.

Why this year in Paris? What is the connection with France?

My husband and I have always been Francophiles – we love French film, French food, French pop music. We even named our daughters after French actresses (Charlotte Gainsbourg and Emmanuelle Beárt). My friends call me “La Bancroft” as a joke!
We have travelled all over France but we chose Paris for its abundance of culture, and sheer beauty at every turn.

Did you think twice before moving to Paris after the recent attacks and events in France?

I think our families were more concerned than we were. We tend to avoid crowded, touristy places and events, so we feel safe. There is such a huge security presence in Paris which is comforting. They even have undercover security guards at our daughter’s school. Recent events haven’t altered our plans, and we’re loving Paris.

Sarah Bancroft and her family on Place de la Concorde - JPEG

Sarah Bancroft and her family on Place de la Concorde and La Grande Roue - JPEG

Which website do you use to plan your "escapades"?

I follow GoGoParis, BonBon Paris, Paris ZigZag, Le Fooding, and Paris by Mouth. The Paris Tourist Office has a great Instagram account @parisjetaime where they regram the best Paris pictures from hundreds of Instagrammers.

Sarah Bancroft and her family at the Chistmas Market on Champs Elysées - JPEG

What is THE moment so far where you thought "wow, this is France"

We got invited to a dinner at a restaurant in the 19th arrondissement at 8pm. We were 30 minutes late because it was raining and the traffic was bad – we were so worried we were being rude but we were the first to arrive! Part way through the meal one of the couples announced they had just gotten divorced and they were celebrating! That was a very “French” night.

Sarah Bancroft and her family on Champs Elysées - JPEG

What is your favourite French word?

“Enchanté” (Enchanted). It’s what you say every time you meet someone new. I have no idea why Parisians have the reputation of being brusque – they have the best social graces of anyone! It’s even common to say “avec plaisir” (with pleasure) when the store clerk asks you to insert your credit card. Now that’s polite!

Sarah Bancroft and her family - JPEG

  • Follow Sarah Bancroft blogging about her year in Paris at sarahbancroft.com
  • You can travel to Paris by following her on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Lastly, find all the information you need for your travels to France on our Website and on France’s national tourism agency Atout France.

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